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Custom Orthotics

Dr. Lepito and his staff at Performance Spine & Rehabilitation Center are wonderful. The office has a very comfortable, efficient and informative atmosphere. I've never had a problem with appointments or understanding how my insurance works.
Dr. Lepito explains everything about your treatments in detail so you know what to expect.
I have been a patient for over two years and just recently was in a car accident. Dr. Lepito was able to see me the day of my accident and with continued treatment, I'm healing quickly!

I highly recommend Performance Spine & Rehab Center to anyone looking for a Chiropractor. ~ Sandy


When I look back at my life, there will be many days that stand out as pivotal ones.  One of those was last October when my gym was holding a health fair, because that was the day I met Dr. Lepito and became acquainted with the work of the Performance Spine & Rehabilitation Center.  It took me a month to finally schedule my first appointment with Dr. Lepito, a decision that has impacted my quality of life in so many ways.

 I am 51 years old, a wife, mother, and also an athlete.   Running and cycling have become great joys, with running holding the greatest passion for me in my athletic world.  A year and a half ago I began experiencing changes in my body that I did not recognize as signs that something was not right.  That "something" was two disc herniations in my lower back.  Not being able to take care of my family was not an option.  Neither was no longer being able to cycle or run.  For a year I sought answers, ranging from visits to orthopedic and spine specialists, various physical therapies, spinal injections and heavy doses of medication.   There were periods of brief relief which gave way to a daily nightmare of pain and the fear that my life would never be my own again.  I had one spinal injection left before there were no other options but surgery.
Dr. Lepito has changed that.  What he has given me most, is hope.  I have only been in therapy with Dr. Lepito for a few weeks, but already I feel a greater relief than I have in over a year.   Many days go by when I am nearly pain free, and this is only the beginning.  I can run.  I can play with my daughter.  I can believe again, and cherish the fact that I am healing in a way that will help carry me through the rest of my life.

My thanks to Dr. Lepito, Susan, and Lynne.   I can live again.

 Wendy Moskowitz

Sonoma- Thank you for helping my mommy.  When she doesn't have any more problems, I'm going to take her on the scariest roller coasters- she's a chicken of those, let me tell you!  Also, I think my mommy is 51 years young.

The office of Performance Spine & Rehabilitation is state of the art in comfort and efficiency; totally serene and healing.  From the easy and compassionate intake process, to the first treatment; usually right away after Dr. Lepito takes minimal necessary X-rays, a soothing and healing experience awaits you.  You physically release stress with the use of different modalities of manipulation from electrical stimulation to supervised exercise and weight training if needed, as well the gentle and skilled hands-on adjustments by Dr. Lepito.  Ideal for the injured athlete or musician, or accident victim.  I really did get my life back as a piano player and artist after Dr. Lepito's treatment.  

 A scenic drive to the new offices in Sparks and a walk into the unfailingly pleasant offices of Dr. Lepito and Susan and assistant Lynn, and you have found the best therapy around.  Just ask the satisfied patients of Dr. Lepito.  We get the healthy person we are back, and life is once again pain free.

White Hall

 Email from one of our patients:

Hi Amber,
Thanks for getting me in there on Friday. Please let Dr Lepito and Lynn know that I was completely fine for my long run (11 miles) Saturday morning and for doing some heavy home maintenance (hauling wood and tile flooring and power washing my siding) on Sunday. The back held up 100%

Dan H.